REHOBOTH WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES is a strategic data-driven consultancy that enables medium size entities to improve customer experience by reshaping wasteful cost structures. The company is 100% black owned based in Cape Town with a strong passion for improving customer experience.

The basis of competition for our business is not in efficiency but in its ability to help clients innovate, re-imagine and adapt themselves otherwise disruption lies on the horizon. The consultancy specialises in Customer Experience Management which looks at CX Strategy, Customer Journey Mapping, CX Measurement, Continuous Improvement and Customized Workshops. The model starts with an assessment of the client’s current customer experience followed by a detailed report with recommendations. These recommendations lead to strategy development, customer journey mapping, CX measurement and continuous improvement. We also run workshops across all industries to address any client specific customer requirements.

In the above approach we take into account existing barries, resources whilst staying with the overall vision, mission and objectives of the client's business. We provide our clients with a framework for the actions that will lead to anticipated results.